List of Examples


The following documents can each be viewed. The documents are not all included as examples of good Action Motions, but instead are included because they contain components that can be used  for good

Action Motions. Also, some of the documents are included because they demonstrate an effective use of one of the technical models of representation.

Introductory Documents to Set Tone with Participants


Letter of Introduction to Prosecutor

Letter Accompanying Subpoena to Witness
Statutory Election for Mutual Discovery with Terse Admonitions to Prosecutor
Letter to Judge Designed to Deal with Ex Parte Communications

Documents Dealing with Attorney Contempts

    Index to Attorney Contempt Motion
    Attorney Contempt Motion
    Same Motion as above with Comments

Documents Dealing with Judge Disqualifications

    Motion by Prosecutor to Disqualify Judge
    Gasp, Gasp, Gasp  (Response to Prosecutor Motion to Disqualify Judge with editorial comments)  Same response without editorial comments

Documents Dealing with Gag Orders


 Sword and Shield Gag Order Response

Documents Dealing with Police Misconduct

    Illegal Traffic Stop and Air Taser Motion

Documents Dealing with Discovery Issues

    Capital Defense Network Discovery Documents

Documents Dealing with Daubert Fingerprint Issues


Fingerprint Motion 

    Fingerprint Motion Response
    Latent Print Website
    U.S. District Court on Daubert Fingerprint Issue

Documents Dealing with Daubert DNA Issues


DNA  Motion (CA)  by  Michael N. Burt

    DNA  Reply to State (CA) by  Michael N. Burt
    DNA, An Introduction for Non-Scientists

An Array of Documents from Numerous Sources



Adam Thurschwell's Capital Case Motions (Nichols Motions in Oklahoma Bombing Case)
McVeigh Documents
CAP Litigation Forms for Federal Cases
Capital Defender's Toolbox Brief Bank

Techlaw Brief Bank Brief Bank is a free resource, with Boalt Hall School of Law, UC Berkeley backing, to which public interest groups and legal scholars contribute briefs on law, technology and public policy.


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