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Models of Representation
  A Representation Model for Dispositional Fairness Preface
    Overview to Representation Models
    The Need to Identify Models of Representation
    The Economic Models of Representation
    The Technical Models of Representation
        Print Friendly Models
Strategy Specialist
    A. Definitions of Terms and Concepts
    B.  The Purposes of Actions Motions 2K10
    C. Drafting Action  Motions 2K10
    D.  Elements and Examples of Action Motions 2K10
    1.  Headline/Title
    2.  The "Can Opener"
    3.  The Lead
    4.  The Factual Basis
    5.  About the Accused
    6.  The Instructive Element
    7.  The Rule or Statutory Basis
    8.  The State and Federal Constitutional Basis
    9.  Relief
  10.  Appropriate Use of an Index
    E. Litigating Action Motions Plus 2K10
    F. Action Motions Plus 2K10 Summary
Conflictineeing, The Introduction
    A.    Defining Conflictineering
    B.  Conflictineering in General
    C.  Enhancing Opportunities for   Conflictineering
    D.  The Purpose of Conflictineering
    E.      Preparing for Conflictineering
    F.   Concepts of the Conflictineering Process
    G. How to Begin the Conflictineering Process
    H.    How to End the Conflictineering Process
    I.       The Forums for Conflictineering
    J.       Qualities of People on the Conflictineering Team
    K.   The Gentleness of Conflictineering
    L.      Why Conflictineering Works
Things Happening Outside the Boxes
The Black Hole of Litigation
  Death Row USA Preface
    The death penalty is part of the  political process
    Case study I:  Abraham Beard - - pre-Furman
    Build up of persons on death row
    Case study II: John Spenkelink's Execution
    Case Study III:  Samuel Bice Johnson
    The Lesson Yet Learned
    Death Penalty as Part of the Political Process
    The PACE: What it Means
    Key Decisions
    Who Decides Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die?
    Three Entities Who Monitor the PACE
    How to Change the PACE
    Doing One's Duty
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